About Us

Patricia Chircop is the founder of KNIT.melbourne and has worked within the fashion knitwear industry as a product developer, programmer, buyer, designer, project manager, training provider and consultant.

Patricia’s qualifications include:

Certificate of Completion                                                                                                       M1 plus – Fully Fashion & Special                                                                                     Stoll (Reutlingen, Germany) (2011)

Certificate of Completion                                                                                                      M1 plus – Handling and Pattern Designing                                                                        Stoll (Reutlingen, Germany) (2011)

Certificate of Completion                                                                                                    Use of CMS                                                                                                                          Stoll (Reutlingen, Germany) (2011)

Certificate of Completion (Wholegarment)                                                                          Shima Seiki (Wakayama, Japan) (2011)

Certificate of Completion (Full Fashion)                                                                               Shima Seiki (Wakayama, Japan) (2007)

Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design)                                                                                        RMIT University (2006 – Completed 2nd Year)

Bachelor of Science (Biological Science)                                                                              La Trobe University (2002)

Patricia was also awarded the The George Alexander Foundation/ISS Institute Fellowship 2010.

The George Alex­an­der Foundation/ISS Insti­tute Fel­low­ship is designed to fund applic­ants in the pur­suit of know­ledge and skills unat­tain­able in Aus­tralia.  Patri­cia focused on seam­less gar­ment con­struc­tion by use of the latest knitwear technology.

The first stop was Japan where Patri­cia visited Shima Seiki, a world leader in flat bed seam­less tech­no­logy known as Wholeg­ar­ment®. She under­took a three-week course that gave Patri­cia a greater under­stand­ing of how Wholeg­ar­ment® tech­no­logy can be used from a tech­nical and design aspect.

Shima Seiki Wholeg­ar­ment Machine
Wholegarment dress on Shima Machine

From Shima Seiki Web­site:

A super­ior altern­at­ive to con­ven­tional knit­ting methods, the seam-free con­struc­tion of WHOLEGARMENT® real­ises sub­stan­tial bene­fits unmatched by any other tex­tile product. It opens up a world of unpre­ced­en­ted oppor­tun­it­ies for the knit­ter, mer­chand­iser, retailer and con­sumer alike.

Bene­fits to the designer:

  • Without seams, pat­terns and designs remain unin­ter­rup­ted across the entire gar­ment: front-to-back; over-the-shoulder and down-the-sleeves.
  • True revers­ible knit­wear can be pro­duced without the added weight and bulk of double-knits.
  • 3D shap­ing allows the design and sil­hou­ette of the gar­ment to be repro­duced exactly as inten­ded by the designer.

Bene­fits to the producer:

  • Bot­tle­necks in the supply-chain caused by labor-intensive cut­ting and sew­ing pro­cesses are eliminated.
  • Cut-loss the amount of scrap mater­ial that is thrown away after cut­ting out each part of the garment is entirely eliminated.
  • Since WHOLEGARMENT® can be pro­duced one gar­ment at a time, the lead­time usu­ally needed to knit each sep­ar­ate part of the gar­ment is no longer an issue.
  • The required num­ber of gar­ments can be knit at the required time, per­mit­ting true “on-demand” production.
  • Since each gar­ment is pro­duced based on digit­ally pro­grammed data, item-to-item and batch-to-batch quality, even for repeat orders, remain consistent.
Bene­fits to the Customer:
  • Super­ior com­fort is achieved by doing away with annoy­ing seams. This is espe­cially effect­ive in the case of infant and hypo­aller­genic cloth­ing, where seams can be a source of skin irritation.
  • Seams no longer inter­fere with the nat­ural elasti­city of knits, allow­ing super­ior stretch and mobility.
  • Soft and light­weight, seam­less skirts and dresses drape and flow more naturally.
  • Seam­less one-piece con­struc­tion allows stress to be dis­trib­uted evenly through­out, pre­vent­ing loc­al­ized pres­sure points which may cause discomfort.
  • By knit­ting an entire gar­ment with only the required amount of yarn, WHOLEGARMENT® is envir­on­ment­ally friendly knit­wear that uses min­imal materials.

Next Patri­cia vis­ited the Inter­na­tional Exhib­i­tion of Tex­tile Machinery, which show­cases the latest apparel tech­no­logy from around the world. ITMA hap­pens every four years, in 2011 it was held in Barcelona.

Patri­cia then con­tin­ued to Ger­many where she attended three courses at Stoll.  Stoll also pro­duces seam­less gar­ment tech­no­logy called Knit & Wear®. As well as pro­du­cing a unique machine which is a multi-gauge knit­ting machine.

Stoll Machine
Gar­ments pro­duced on Stoll Machinery

From Stoll Web­site:

Com­pact Class: A CMS of the Com­pact Class is extremely effi­cient for Fully Fash­ion. Coarse stitches for a high-quality hand-knit look? No prob­lem. One model is even equipped with split addi­tional beds — for extremely pro­duct­ive nar­row­ing cycles with fab­rics knit­ted with all needles. All machines are equipped with a clamp­ing and cut­ting device and the Stoll-multiflex® take-down sys­tem with a take-down comb.

Top Class: The tan­dem machines of the Top Class will con­vince you with their pro­ductiv­ity and flex­ib­il­ity. One minute they’re knit­ting Fully Fash­ion or accessor­ies in the tan­dem mode, and the next it’s cut and sew products with coupled car­riages. Fast coup­ling and uncoup­ling make it pos­sible and ensure the greatest pos­sible capa­city util­iz­a­tion of your machine pool.

Multi Gauge-Class: ou’re ideally pre­pared for the future with these flex­ible machines. With Stoll-multi gauges® and Stoll-applications® the machines are truly multi-talented. Your advant­ages: high capa­city util­iz­a­tion of the machine pool, great invest­ment secur­ity, fast reac­tion to fash­ion trends and lar­ger order quant­it­ies. With Stoll-multi gauges® you pro­duce new pat­tern appear­ances with sev­eral gauges in one and the same fab­ric — hori­zont­ally in one knit­ting row or ver­tic­ally. On the other hand you can knit fab­rics in dif­fer­ent gauges without needle replace­ment or gauge con­ver­sions. With Stoll-applications® com­plex make-up work is already integ­rated dur­ing knit­ting, and it’s even pos­sible to real­ize dif­fer­ent gauges within the applications.

Both com­pan­ies are lead­ers in knit­wear gar­ment tech­no­logy, offer­ing a dif­fer­ent approach to manufacturing tech­no­logy and the mar­ket place.